21 February, 2020

San Anton Palace


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  •  San Anton Palace and gardens was originally built in the early 17th Century by the Knights of Malta. It serves as the official residence of The Maltese President. The gardens were open to the public in 1882 and are most likely the most beautiful from all of Malta’s gardens. The gardens have several walkways where you can gaze at the lovely sculptures, ponds, fountains and look at beautiful trees and flowers from across the globe.


Palazzo Parisio 


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  • Palazzo Parisio is located in the heart of Naxxar. It was built in the 19th century by Marquis Giuseppe Scicluna as his own private residence. With its refined architecture, decorated ceilings, it’s ballroom of mirrors and murals. It’s charming gardens have a classic baroque style full of Mediterranean flowers all year and are totally worth paying a visit. It is the only private gardens in Malta which are open to visitors.


The Grandmaster’s Palace


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  • The Grandmaster’s Palace (Il- Palazz Ta’ Grandmastru) is the largest palace in Valletta, just a stone's throw away from Palais LeBrun, located in St. George’s Square, which houses the office of the President of Malta. It was one of the first buildings to be

built in Valletta between the 16th and 18th centuries by The Order of St. John.


Verdala Palace


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  • Verdala Palace in Buskett Gardens was built in 1586 during the reign of Hugues of Loubenx de Veradalle, now serves as the official summer residence of the President of Malta. It is known for its beautiful forest surroundings which is a semi-landscaped area which was used by The Knights of Malta for hunting. The building itself is surrounded by a stone quarried ditch which served as a defence, making the building two floors high and also five storey towers at each corner. Verdala palace itself, is closed to the public but its surrounding offers some great walks through Buskett gardens and its local village Siggiewi offerings stunning views of the palace.


The Inquisitor’s Palace 


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  • The inquisitor’s palace located in the heart of Vittoriosa. It is one of the last few surviving palaces of its kind, which in early modern period would be found across all Europe and South America. This architectural gem is open to the public and is representative of the chequered history and European heritage of the Maltese islands.